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Testimonials from our students
Des commentaires de nos étudiants et étudiantes

"Oh my God!!! I got the C!!!!!" (French ORAL)  "Thanks so much for your help with this!!!"

         Stephanie "federal gov't employee"

'I am absolutely thrilled to let you know that I achieved a C in my oral exam.  I am am so relieved and took an approach to rebuild my French from the basics.  It was difficult but icertainly the right approach.  Thanks again.."

           Mark "federal gov't employee"

"I wanted you to know that I got an E (Exemption) for the written expression and a C for the oral proficiency.  Thank you very much for all your help:." 

        Adjob "federal gov't employee"

As a new Canadian and public servant looking to build and improve my French language skills I have enormously benefited from the knowledge and expertise of the faculty from the Success Language School in Gatineau.  Shirley, The school Director and lead teacher has devoted her time and energy to share her passion for bilingualism with her students.  The School has developed some excellent  and unique teaching strategies that helped me to achieve my professional goals.  With sincere thanks and best wishes,

       Oksana "federal gov't employee"

"A public service commission diagnostic test recommended that I would need 840 hours of training to obtain my required profile. My total training hours were 174 and a final profile of CBB. I highly recommend Success Language School and the methodology used for those wishing to attain their linguistic requirements in a timely, effective manner."

Drew "federal gov't employee"


"Je tiens à remercier L'École de Langue Succès pour son excellent travail... J'ai atteint, et même surpassé, mon objectif en 40 heures. Mon niveau initial était de BBB et maintenant j'ai atteint 'CEC.' Je recommande fortement les services de l'École de Langue Succès. Son nom correspond bien au résultat obtenu pour ma part."

Gilles "employé du gouvernement fédéral"

"This note is to express my sincere appreciation with Ecole Succès language school. I was able to secure my B in expression ecrite after initiating a short 32 hour part-time contract.

The school's teaching methods are exceptional and I will strongly recommend your school to other colleagues who are in need of upgrading their SLE levels."

Don "federal gov't employee"

"Je tiens à remercier l'École de Langue Succès qui m'a permis de couvrir deux ans de cours d'anglais en moins de six mois."

Nicolas "école adulte" (22 ans)

"The diagnostic test of the Canada School of Public Service Language Training Center determined that I need to take a program of 1200 hours of French language training to acheive levels B in reading, writing and oral proficiencies. Prior to training with Success Language School I had limited knowledge of the French language and minimal formal training. I participated on a part-time basis in a carefully orchestrated training program of 150 hours of private and 72 hours group lessons, combined with time dedicated to working independantly on homework and practical excercises.

Thanks to the excellent training of Success Language School, I obtained my desired linguistic profile within the training hours suggested by the School. The School's teaching style is tailored to the individual and obtaining success in the shortest time possible."

Vishva "federal gov't employee"

"Je suis native de Saguenay. Ma région est prèsque totalement unilingue française. J'avais réçu une évaluation de la Commission des langues officielles à l'effet que j'aurais besoin de 840 heures... ...pour atteindre mes niveaux. J'ai obtenu mon niveau BBB (en 107 heures). Je vous recommande fortement cette école exceptionelle et je la remercie du fond du cœur pour le miracle qu'elle a accompli."

Christine "employée du governement fédéral"

"Everyone at work is impressed with the way that I can speak and understand my very technincal conversations. Success Language School prepared me to handle the many situations that I might encounter at work in French. They were also very impressed that I was able to get my French levels in a short time without being sent away for over 800 hours as seems to be the norm. I have talked to many individuals and they had found that being away made it harder to catch up at work. They also found that they did not necessarily pass the first time they took their tests even though they had been in an intensive (800 hour) course.

Sharon "federal gov't employee"

School teachers helped me prepare for the government evaluation tests in the short period of time but they also transferred their affection of this beautiful language and the francophone culture to me. Success Language School approached each stage of my training in a professional and well-planned way. After two sets of group classes (total of 72) I obtained level C in my comprehension and level B in my writing. Further to this, we worked in approximately 50 private classes in obtaining level B in my oral evaluation."

Ivana "federal gov't employee"

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